*Mentor Life Coach | *Corporate Coach | *Spiritual Intelligence Coach | CEO Coach
Spiritual Counsellor Motivational Speaker | **Trainer | Consultant | Writer

*ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified
** Dale Carnegie T3 Graduate

  • As a Globally Certified Mentor Life Coach, Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Corporate / CEO Coach, Spiritual Counselor and a Dale Carnegie T3 Graduate Trainer,
  • my experince spans more than a 2 decades.
  • I am but a co-traveler ... joining 'life-journeys'of people and creating value on a mutual learning platform.

    My strength lies in my diversity – my Spiritual grounding combined with a disciplined Corporate life – and balancing both effectively, fulfilling the needs of a harmonious family life.
  • My passion lies in my constant endeavor to expand the boundaries of my skills and knowledge and practice it.
  • My interactions and sessions with the Student Community has been most enriching. It has brought a lot of fulfillment for both of us. It has been on the individual and group level.
  • The natural progression was individual Parenting sessions. As a parent, I relate to issues and the sessions have been productive and positive. These have been largely on a one to one basis.
  • Corporate sessions are eye openers on what happens to knowledge when not practiced. They are challenging and have needed tangible calibration.
  • As a Motivational Speaker, I have addressed forums of students and other fraternities on subjects ranging from careers, choices in Life and how one should practice what one learns contextually.
  • Have connected with some great potentials… who at cross roads need hand holding.
  • Every person I met was knowledgeable in their own right but was unable to translate this to everyday actions.
  • I use various tools and techniques to interact and interface with the individual or group.
  • Success rates have been high and almost everyone continues to be in touch as they have grown over time.
  • The testimonials on the website speak for themselves on experiences shared by people.


  • As an engineer with an International Trade qualification, I have been in the Corporate world for nearly three decades. Starting as Management Trainee to becoming a CXO, in various Indian and Multi-Cultural International companies, I have Initiated and set up new business units, markets and forged Global partnerships and JVs. Widely travelled globally, connecting with some great minds across cultures, thoughts, ideologies and philosophies has been a truly elevating experience.


  • I realized that Science and Spirituality are 2 sides of a coin – inseparable. The essence of existence is a reflection on our experiences and the lessons gained through stable emotional and spiritual intelligence.
  • I became a student of Vedanta in 1992-93 as a “shishya” (student) of Dr. M A Vasudeva Rao – a learned scholar and teacher. I was curious and hankered to know several answers about my life, the ecosystem we live in and about existential realities. The act of surrender to learn was a translation from the “Academic to the Applied” and presented me with reflective understandings.
  • I structured my learnings of Astrology under another Guru – Shri Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo ji. To plot the future was not the idea. The idea was to understand the fields of energies that exist in this universe, how our energy structure worked vis-à-vis the cosmos through this ancient knowledge. How astrology was a tool to recognize and optimize our strengths.
  • My Life’s understanding is – the beauty and paradox of creation is from imperfections, managing reality is imperative, understand one’s self to coexist with our environment. What exists is real but is not in fruition unless recognized, addressed and optimized.
  • The strength and ability to identify one’s self and optimize one’s potential comes from one’s “spirit”. This is the root of “spiritual strength”- which is the very genesis of a successful and fulfilling living experience.

The purpose is my constant endeavor to translate knowledge to actions.
To do this was the test of my learnings – To try and Live My Knowledge.
It has been a great journey so far.