Executive Coaching is an added dimension and emphasis to Life Coaching, with an intrinsic focus on businesses and the corporate world. It is an extended Human Resource exercise with a vision for the growth and augmentation of performance of the company and its employees.

The Coach-Client relationship is driven by tangible goals and purpose. It encourages and brings all stake holders to accountability of – themselves, their team and the specific organizational business goals in tangible measures.

It brings on the table – fulfilment of personal professional objectives and responsibilities with the company’s objectives and expectations – thereby making a conscientious work-life balance.

Success is measured as a combination of personal and organizational fulfilment. It is process driven to recognize leadership qualities and accountabilities.

As a Certified Executive Coach, I help clients with personal and professional performance management, enhancing all round skill sets for better deliverance, communications skills, a holistic career vision with organizational effectiveness, work-life balance, handling divergence and team building within an organization.

It is important to distinguish and acknowledge 3 key elements at 3 different levels in order to bring harmony and attain success. They include the needs, challenges and strengths, work culture, information flows, roles and responsibilities, current practices / processes and aspirations – of the stake holders involved – The individual employee and The organization facilitated by The coach. It’s a deep learning process based on total faith, trust and transparency.

The breadth and depth of the need with stakes involved and results expected entail a time bound, consistent, meaningful and continuous program, with measurable milestones at regular intervals. It is a combination of support to individual employees and also a feedback or sounding board to the Management for effective progress.