What has helped some of the most competent CEOs become “effective”?
They have a Vision, they create a Story with Defining Ideas, they ask the right Questions and – they have a Coach to drive them through this Discovery.

“A Leader is One who Knows to ‘Be’. The state of “Being” is a decisive part of Leadership. It encompasses a whole gamut from Purpose to Mindfulness and beyond.

CXO Coaching is pivotal for the growth of an enterprise. Upskilling is important, but what about the CEO’s reskilling for Change Management? The challenges include – dealing with failure and the courage to reboot, getting an objective 360° vision to create a balance between the nature of their self with aspirational / professional goals, with the innate yearning for Fulfilment. A combination of one or more of these emerging trends is driving CXOs of large and mid –sized companies to engage with Mentors and Executive Coaches.

“Spiritual Maturity” is one of the biggest coaching needs expressed implicitly by business leaders. Most of our powerful and successful leaders of yore had a Coach as a Minister (Chanakya). The messages and examples in our scriptures and epics, have been guiding principles for leadership over time to be Powerful, Passionate and Proficient. The lessons stay relevant and applicable to current contexts.

As a Mentor Life Coach | Corporate Coach and a Spiritual Counsellor, I have been a part of several journeys, bridging the GAPS (Goals, Aspirations and Perceptions).

Knowing is Important but Living Our Knowledge is the Key … To Know if we Know …