Knowledge is universal and every creation on this earth has some of it as per their capacity, capability, competence, experience, learning and interest. It is the most powerful tool available to our faculties. It is something one is born with (along with delusion) in every birth and in every form.

One evolves in every life time with the knowledge it gains.

  • The absorption rate depends from soul to soul.
  • The understanding depends from soul to soul.
  • The depth depends from soul to soul.

All this is a function of the individual’s modes of nature.

What then differentiates one person from the other when everyone has knowledge? | Why then do we have strife struggle misdirected energies conflict misunderstandings and disagreements? | Why do we have Gurus and Masters? | Why do we need coaching or mentoring?

|| jnaanam jneyam parijnata

tri-vidha karma-codanaa

karanam karma karteti

tri-vidhah karma-sangrahah ||

(Bhagwat Gita Ch 18:18)

“Knowledge, the object of knowledge,

and the knower are the three factors

that motivate action; the senses, the

work, and the doer are the three

constituents of action”

The key is to commit, start actively and consistently. – To Live Your Knowledge

I stress YOUR, because its pivotal to YOUR growth. The vital link is our inability to live what we have learnt and we believe we know.

So what stops us? | What binds us to continue doing what we do despite knowing us for the better? prevents change

for the better? | What leads us to wrong judgments and decisions (or indecisions)? | Is Knowledge the same as

Wisdom and is One person’s Wisdom different from another’s?