Every soul has knowledge. The challenge is to test and check if our understanding has been what it should be and to apply / practise it. The Focus of this Program / concept is to encourage / guide / mentor people to not only the path of knowledge but also make it their nature to apply it in their daily life. On this platform I help you as aLife Coach / Mentor to identify your inner self, teach and share the sublime knowledge I have learnt (and continue to learn).

Life Coaching is a personalised and dedicated program to help you identify your “self”, work on your strengths, set and achieve your goals. As a Life Coach I help you do this. The “coaching process” is a specific, scientific and sustained long term and committed work in progress – it is aimed to address definiteindividual purposes – work, personal, generic, emotional etc. A Life Coach is a hand-holder to empower You for your Holistic well-being.

A Life Coach / Mentor approaches the individual / group issue(s) as a performance and development driver. They can be long term or medium term but definitely are sustained committed programs over a period of time driven by needs. He is more than a personal overseer or a Tutor and more like a partner in progress of the mentee or protégé.

While a Life coaching process can betask oriented or a goal oriented with a structured approach, a Mentor is like a Guru – who helps identify your “Self” and your potential, shares life experiences and relevant Knowledge - and contextualizes to your needs to explore all possibilities available.

Counselling is need–based. This can be for a particular malaise, incident, health incident, family issue or a predicament at a given point of time. This is time bound, case specific and short term only. A counsellor addresses a particular challenge, stress and anxiety of the individual when required at that point. It may not provide solutions all the time but helps the individual gain some equilibrium to face the particular issue.

I am a Life coach / Mentor. I Listen. I Understand. I then become a co-traveller in your Life Journey
With my years of experience I have several very effective tools which I use. These include:
  • The Distinctiveness of Understanding
  • The Science of Correct Questions
  • The Power of Indulgent Listening and being totally Non Judgemental
  • The Uniqueness of Sharing

Each one of us needs one at different stages of life but could be oblivious of this fact. Each one of finds people in our life, who they have looked up to and have held as ideals for specific periods of time. They become our role models. The issue could start when that relationship ends and we feel lost. We also make the error of trying to emulate someone without understanding our own fabric of making, our own aptitude and our own strengths and knowledge. A committed anddedicated Life Coach / Mentor is for You – for your goals. Let’smeet. Have the Faith. You will know.

As a potentialcollaborator and co-traveller in your life journey, I approach you with no particular identity but the credentials of a Trained and Experienced Mentor Life Coach. The advantage being that it brings to the table a totally non-intrusive and objective approach to help and guide you to find what you have in you – the solution. Trust me to be there for you as per schedules that are set up. Have the Faith. We work on it to together.

No. It is a medium to long term continuous work in progress. The first couple or few sessions would be about listening and absorbing. So,wewould needa defined, committed and coordinated set os sessions. It is dependent on the issues at hand and the depth we need to delve into together. Yes – Total commitment is required. You have mine. I need yours. It’s a two way street. We will decide together how many minimum sessions will be required. Going forward they become journeys of Life together.

Time has to be created – it is never available. Several times we get caught in “busyness”. Life is not merely about staying busy. It is about channelizing your energies and efforts in the right direction towards well definedquests, goals and pursuits. There is always a need and advantage of connecting and staying connected. Technology can be used very effectively. Sessions are organized based on mutual convenience. No worries.

No. Just reach out / call and fix an appointment.

The sessions will be designed after my evaluation and your need and will based on mutual convenience. These may be over E Platforms / personal sessions. It is respectful that schedules are met – not only for the sessions but also for any tasks that may be given. Of course I am available to on the phone and mail if you wish to seek any clarifications in between sessions.

My sessions are not about lectures. They are a lot about interactions, discussions, thoughtful exchanges, and listening. Talks and lectures help. But that one-off effortstays just that – one off. Our endeavours have to be – continuous, consistent, committed, coherent with your needs – because it’s about Your Life and a Life lasts a Life Time of “Living”. It is the unceasing voyage up the learning curve

Sure. We can have 30 mins session which is complimentary. I would be happy to connect and understand and allow you to get a grasp on what is in it for you. Build the Faith.Learn and Live Your Knowledge.

This is very case specific. Every assignment is dependent on the need of the individual / group, the nature of challenge and the time hours / sessions that would be needed, based on the evaluation. Payments and charges will be conveyed right after this. Payments are made 100% upfront as is the norm.