The Indian civilization goes back a few thousand years and Indian Spiritual Philosophy and mystique has been the seeker’s paradise.

To inquire into this mysterious world of Indian spirituality is a lifetime experience. Our sages and seers expounded on the deep meaning of life and death and have left behind legacies in the form of our Vedas, Upanishads and other religious and spiritual knowledge. They interweave in both complex and simplistic ways telling us how each of us are a reflection of the Whole and are a part of the larger Universe.

Our repository of ancient sublime knowledge encapsulates Vedic astronomy, science and medicine, theories and postulates about Life, The Cosmos, society, individual, the science behind chanting of syllables and Mantras, astrology, complexities of the human mind, self-Improvement techniques, breathing secrets and Yoga besides more transcendental subjects.

It is said that they have answers to everything that man questions – including several things that Man is yet to discover and what modern science is just waking up to.

To get an insight into this inspirational
and captivating spiritual indulgence, India can be very deeply experiential.

I conduct sessions to give you an insight into not only into the Spiritual aspect on Indian culture but also coach on how this simple but profound knowledge can be translated into everyday living. It brings peace and harmony with your environment.

Discussions on The Indian Spiritual Texts

The Indian Spiritual Texts are a repository of sublime knowledge on the Cosmos, The Society, The individual, Leadership Roles and Responsibilities, Life and beyond. It is contextual and applicable on the individual and societal level. They include the Bhagvat Gita, The Shrimad Bhaagvatam, The Mahabharata, The Ramayana and several other Upanishads and Puranas. They are as relevant today as they were many eons ago when they were propounded by ancient Seers Masters Rishis and Yogis. Over many centuries many Gurus and Scholars have tried to grasp this knowledge and have written many interpretations and commentaries on it. They have tried to simplify them for the common man.

The answers to all of our questions are found here. It is however not so simple. One needs to have the yearning to swim into these transcendental waters. The waters are deep but tranquil. The understanding of each one of us could be different depending totally on how deep we have the capacity and interest to delve into. A thoroughly captivating and spiritual bliss. We can try and understand the true meanings of our life. We can try and comprehend various aspects of living which includes simple and obvious sounding activities like sleep, food, breathing, action & inaction, thought, intelligence & emotion (IQ and EQ) and our spiritual journey (SQ).

  • Invariably this is done as lectures and talks.
  • Personalized.
  • Session by session.
  • Lets argue and reason on what we understand.
  • Lets create a intellectual and spiritual dialectic rather than it being an intellectual chewing gum – chew and spit at will and desire without consuming it.
  • I open the doors to discussions.
  • Individualistic.
  • Progress at your pace and understanding.
  • Lets sit and discuss explore consume these great texts of wisdom to try and absorb what they say – Just for YOU.
  • Not a one way street where one talks and one hears and then forgets. Our aim is to absorb and practice.
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