Two transformational personal examples:
  • I am driving along a cold morning. My tranquil disposition disrupted by constant honking. A few moments later, it gets on my nerves, enters my mind, settles in my brain, and my foot is on the brake. The result – Anger. Road rage. Debilitating.
  • Similar drive. I turn on the music. Shift my Focus. Give way. All good. Calming.

So, the difference? Between the unconscious self-consent to get impaired to shifting focus to stay collected. The trigger can be building up over time or instantaneous. Be that as it may, it is certainly not binary. There are several grey areas.

Anger is a natural human emotion – But the most corrupt, exaggerative emotion. Quite often, most manipulative intelligently applied. Ugly contamination of our Holistic functioning (the mind, body and spirit) - Anger

In my opinion, the ten primary causes of anger are:
  • Personal loss / Feeling short changed
  • Feeling Not-in-Control
  • Disconnect from Reality / Denial
  • Lack of Acceptability / Inflexible
  • Expectation and Reciprocity
  • Twisted Entitlement
  • Fear / Insecurity
  • Living in Ingratitude / Distorted vision of wants and needs
  • Ego
  • Genetic

Most are about Inappropriate Attitudes.

Anger has a character.
If "You" control it ... it can be Creative and you can Build on the energy. If "It" controls you ... you become Destructive, and it Breaks you from within

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